Daddy/Mommy "Issues"

I was conditioned at a young age to think these terms applied to the people that didn’t have both their parents around. I want to apologize for that way of thinking and respectfully argue that we ALL have Mommy/Daddy issues. In fact, those of us that did have both of our parents around are overlooked for that very reason. We all have a story. We all have a journey. We all have things we think our parents should have or shouldn’t have done. We are all human. The healing comes in when you confront these feelings and process them. In my own work, I have resolved to know and accept that my parents did what they could with the tools that they had. Just because they are my parents, doesn’t mean they aren’t human and are perfect. I want to encourage you to look at things today through a lens of compassion and inspire some food for thought. How did your parents show up? What was their story? Did they heal their past issues? Was it passed to you? Only person you can control is yourself. You can help make your future better by doing YOUR work. The flip side of this--your inner child will continue to show up screaming for attention. This sometimes appears as a meltdown, depression, anxiety, unhealthy toxic behavior & relationships, etc.  I promise you this---There is so much peace and joy on the other side of healing. Break the cycle. Start living your best life, today. #selfreflection #selfdisclosure#selfdiscovery #daddyissues#mommyissues #growingpains #growth#doyourwork #love #evolve #compassion#innerchild #breakthecycle #yolo#depression #anixety #relaxrelaterelease#relationships #familymatters #lifelessons#lifecoaching