10 Years ago, I was Homeless

****I wrote this 2 years ago...
One of my goals is to be more transparent in telling my story; the parts of my journey that are often not talked about for various reasons. Why? The work I do requires my clients to be vulnerable and open up...Which can be very uncomfortable. In this discomfort comes healing and growth. I want my clients to be able to trust me and my work and see that my journey has had some very awful moments as well. No one is free from trials and tribulations. If nothing else my struggles have given me the strength and tools to help others.
...12 years ago at the sweet age of 21, I was homeless. Living with 3 other people (my parents & sister) in a local, one bedroom, bed bug infested hotel. I was a full time college student, working full time and trying to figure out life. I was resentful, lost, and sometimes felt like throwing in the towel. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life but knew I wanted more for myself. I was tired of moving around. I was tired of pretending everything was okay when it wasn't. Little did I know, life was about to get REALLY real. 💜💕🦋💜💕🦋💜💕🦋💜💕🦋💜💕💜🦋
Reflecting back (as I often do) I'm so grateful for where I am today. How did I get to where I am today? I did my work. You don't have to be a product of your past or your environment.

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